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Well, I thought for a long time about what things I would like to do not for myself, but for someone. Because I can not do all cosplay in the world for myself, and I do not look like half of the kids' lessons.
Because these are things that I could do compared to lower than I would have taken for a similar thing, if it had not sunk into my soul enough.

D.Va in this skin - 500$ without weapons and craft
Anna Henrietta - 1300$ (embroidery of the corset, not painting, embroidery with beads and much more). I have the processes of this suit, I can show.
Magician Gray Warden from the Inquisition - 800$
Hawke Mage - 700$
Morrigan (any suit) - 300$+
Anders - 600$+
Mantle of the Archimagus Skyrim - 600$+
Talmor Skyrim's Mantle - 400$+
Vampire (Male and Female) Skyrim - 500-600$
Triss Merigold Witcher 2 600$
Triss Merigold standard suit Witcher 3 600$
Triss Merigold dress from The Witcher 3 600-800$
Inquisitor Pajamas Standard Costume 500$
Solas from DAI - costumes with fur, costumes from the last DLS, anything, pleas!

In general, any of the Dragon Age 2 and 3 costumes 

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