About Us

Luiren, cosplayer, owner of a large international cosplay workshop employing more than 10 talented masters. Author of many tutorials on cosplay monetization. Over the past year has made more than 112 costumes for cosplayers around the world from Brazil and the USA to Singapore. Since 2008, winner and jury member of many conventions.

I've been making suits for over 13 years. She started out making puffy dresses and corsets, but eventually began to specialize in costumes for popular video game characters, LARP, and fantasy costumes.

Now I prefer men's suits, quilted jackets and historical dresses, natural and artificial leather, I work with all types of fabrics, I make craft of any complexity, painting on fabric, machine and hand embroidery is also in my arsenal. But if you order a beautiful, elegant dress, a crown to it, I'll be happy to make it for you.

I strive to expand the scope of my activities in other areas, improving my professional level, conducting training lectures, so to speak, sharing my experience. I equip my workshop with the latest technology.

Just email me and I'll make something unique for you.


I don't make underwear, bodysuits, and most of the superhero clothing.

Welcome to my workshop of magic, beautiful heroic costumes, brilliant armor, swords, shields, and of course, airy sparkling dresses for princesses!

Now this room is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment and works in full force.

https://vk.com/luirencraft - group of crafting and inprocesses

https://www.facebook.com/Luirencraft/ - facebook group