Witcher Superior Wolven Gear

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I made this costume by hand more than any other. I myself made a hollow-out fabric from suede, weaved chain mail from steel and used about 6 types of genuine leather.
The doublet has a silk lining.
Harness can curse, and the handbag is functional.
The edges of the shirt are hemmed with a manual invisible seam so that there is no machine line.
Pants are made of genuine leather and natural hand-painted linen, as well as decorated with many handmade seams.
I used the most natural fabrics and materials, a bone needle for making belts, decorative seams and other things.
Some genuine leather gloves take about 12-23 hours to manufacture, sewn with a hook and two threads.

The kit includes:
- linen bottom shirt
- leather and linen trousers
- green suede doublet with cotton lining
- striped upper doublet with silk lining
- Steel Chain mail (genuine leather base)
- Torture with mounts for weapons
- Gloves and bracers

I also think that I could make a light version from other materials on request.

I would be happy to make any other armor from the game, from such or simpler materials.
Installment is possible. 


suede, Chain mail, linen, cotton lining, silk lining, Steel

✓ Rush delivery available
✓ Installments available
✓ Color change available
✓ Material change available
✓ Made to your size

Production time: 20-28 weeks. Please contact us before placing an order if you have a hard deadline in order to avoid misunderstanding.

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