Grey Warden Heavy Warrior cosplay armor from Dragon age full set

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This is a universal Grey Warden uniform from Dragon age franchise. 
Suitable for all character classes, are made according to your size. Because please tell me your size when ordering.

The basic kit includes:
- jacket with straps
- scaled tunic
- armor
- gloves

Painting gambeson fabric seams in accordance with the game model is included, but you can give it up if you want.

I can make a suit warrior or mage, but the price will vary up or down.
I can also make a suit in any other colors.

Material: EVA foam, artificial and natural leather, suiting fabric, batting, metal fittings

✗ No rush
✓ Rush delivery available
✓ Installments available
✓ Color change available
✓ Material change available
✓ Made to your size

Production time: 12-20 weeks. Please contact us before placing an order if you have a hard deadline in order to avoid misunderstanding.


1. What is not included in the standard package, if it was not negotiated in reverse?

The standard package does not include a belt on the hips, which keeps the armor. If you understand, I can not make a belt as in the store, and even if it could, it would be more expensive. Because if you ask me to attach to the suit and belt, I just buy it in a nearby store.
Still not included trousers and shirt bottom. Personally, I use ordinary office black pants and a black T-shirt without sleeves. I can make a tunic with sleeves or without, as well as pants, if you need them. But then again, those are the things that either already have in your wardrobe, or you can buy them yourself.
Remember: the production of each additional things beyond the standard set by increasing the overall production time costume.

2. What further included?

I put my instructions to the costume, so you can wear it correctly. Once I put interesting cute little things that would make our communication more enjoyable.

3. Can I speed up the production of the costume? He needs me in a week!

You can speed up the production of costume for an extra charge, and I'll get them a priority, but I can not do the impossible. You do not need a minimum of 18 days to suit the manufacture of, and the most I can do - to work overtime and put you ahead of the queue. But, please, count the time correctly, it will save me and you from problems.

4. Can I speed up the delivery?

Yes, I'm doing the standard delivery of the Russian Post, is about 3-5 weeks on average.
But you can ask me to use EMS, express delivery is about 7 days on average. It is more expensive, because to calculate the shipping costs, you can contact me or count in the online calculator on their website. On average suit weighs about 3 kg with packaging.

5. I want to order a few costums. Production time remains the same?

No, I point out the time of manufacture for each product unit. If I make three suits at the same time, it will take me a little less time, but to do two or three or more costums in 4 weeks is impossible.


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