Hydro Abyss Mage from Genshin Impact Cosplay Costume

  • Brand: Luiren Cosplay Craft
  • Product Code: Гидро Маг Бездны из Геншин Импакт костюм для косплея
  • Availability: In Stock

₽ 28,000.00 руб.

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The costume is made of artificial fabrics and artificial leather. The fabric was hand-dyed, and all the patterns were made in the form of embroidery or appliqués. The fur can be smoothed or styled with cones according to your desire, you do not need to pay extra for this. The fur is also colored in a gradient way.

Comes in a set

- Raincoat

- Fluffy petticoat

- Fur cape and mask

If you need a staff, gloves, shoes or pants, please contact us. I will also gladly make other versions of the Abyss Mage for you.

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