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Warplate of the Champion

The Mantle of the Champion is Hawke's signature equipment, and the best warrior set in Dragon Age II.

Champion: an honor unique to the Free Marches. Other terms of reverence suffer the stains of their holders, the lingering baggage of office and entitlement. But champion is not an appointment that can be sought. It cannot be owned or willed, and the process by which it is bestowed is not argued through policy or guile. It is earned with blood and sweat and leadership in times of great turmoil. Always worthy, as their deeds are of true importance, a champion is greeted not by debate, but by nods of reverence.

The kit includes:

- сhest and shoulders

- back-chainmail

- gloves

- armor hips

- armor on your knees and boots

- сhain belt with braided

Separately, you can order a coat of mail on your feet, under-armorer, splashing and helmet.

Materials: eva foam, eco leather, cotton

The armor is made according to your measurements for 6 weeks.

Armor weighs very little and almost non-existent on the body. It can be used for LARP.

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