Edward Newgate from One Piece

For a long time I did nothing on anime, I completely forgot that focusing on screenshots is a so-so idea, because the proportions of the costumes, lengths, colors, patterns + - half a meter. Eh, youth, I sew in the night under the power of white gabardine, I returned my 2009.

Meanwhile, the staff from One Piece. It is disassembled into 4 parts, 43 cm and 48 cm each. Making something so collapsible is a little death, but now you can safely fly with craft even with a small suitcase. Maybe.

By the way, the blade was made of wood, the bases were made of wood, and in general a lot of wood turned out, because it was easier to process it with an ending eva foam. This is how a grinder and a jigsaw work wonders.

I also drew a snake with a dolphin face. It's not on purpose, I just can't draw.

PS: the pouch at the end of the stick is the best I've sewn in years.

PPS: the example of this bag shows the processing of the edges of natural fabric so that it does not crawl, but the edge remains open. Someday I will stop thinking that all my work is obvious even to a neophyte, and I will start writing notes about techniques.