Eye of god from Genshin Impact

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  • Product Code: Глаз Бога из Genshin Impact
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₽ 200.00 руб.

Available Options

Base Frames Mondstadt, Li Yue, Sumeru, Inozuma, Snowy, unpainted. Character size changes are allowed.

In the presence there are ready-made Eyes of God, lenses, as well as custom visions with designs of different characters.

I can print a lens for painting or casting, it will be with a sign on top or just round and will not be transparent, this is 200 rubles, with painting 400 rubles.


Completely finished eye of God with paint 1300 ruble (clear lens, resin casting)

Double-sided 2500 ruble (two frames, two lenses)

Illuminated one-sided 2200 ruble.

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